Newsworthy mermaids, MerPalooza, plus my new book

Many, many mermaidly things have been happening of late. The New York Times Magazine, for instance, ran a big story about Weeki Wachee by super-smart Virginia Sole-Smith (who quoted yours truly in the article, as well as Eric Ducharme, Barbara Wynns, and other glamorous Weeki folk). The Los Angeles Times published a roundtable on The Little Mermaid. At The Huffington Post, Brenda Peterson posted an interview with Hannah Fraser. And I wrote an article on mermaids for The New Inquiry that then inspired this article on the The Atlantic Wire, this article on Jezebel, this grouchy piece on Slate, this summary of the mermaid/vampire debate on Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish, and possibly more things but I don’t know about them. Meanwhile, the government has denied the existence of mermaids, the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen is about to turn 100, and photographer Andrew Brusso delivered the 2014 Weeki Wachee calendars (interview and images to come!).

EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, the second annual MerPalooza “International Mermaid Convention and Party” takes place this weekend in Tampa, at the Bay Harbor Hotel. I’m flying down on Friday and will be reading and signing my new book, The Fairest of Them All, on Saturday at 2pm (there will also be copies of Mermaid and my novel Godmother, provided by Tampa’s Inkwood Books). I know that Eric Ducharme will be there with plenty of mermaids, that several Weeki ladies will be in attendance, that Stephanie Sims will be hosting another mermaid pageant, and that all kinds of other delights will be in store. You should obviously start heading to Tampa right now.

Speaking of my new book, which just came out yesterday and which I have to tell you about this one time, The Fairest of Them All is a fairy-tale mash-up about Rapunzel growing up to be Snow White’s stepmother (it’s okay for teenagers but not for kids!). Eleanor Brown calls it “intricate, inventive, and charged with magic.” Jamie Ford says he “loved this unexpected spin on the story of Rapunzel, this strong-willed devourer of hearts.” Caroline Leavitt says that it “unfolds like a waking dream, with prose that shimmers like cut diamonds.” You can read more praise for it here. And here’s an excerpt.


Because of an ongoing battle between Simon & Schuster (my publisher) and Barnes & Noble (a fight that has nothing to do with me), The Fairest of Them All will not be in brick-and-mortar Barnes & Nobles. So please, if you’re inclined, tell your friends, share the link for my book, write a song about it, get the cover tattooed on your chest, or show up at MerPalooza (or your local indie) this weekend and buy five copies… I will be eternally, eternally grateful if you do. Thank you!

More mermaids to come!

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