The Next Full Moon

Readers’ Guide

Discussion Questions

1. Can you identify with Ava throughout the book? Why or why not? Have you ever felt the way Ava does at school? How would you react if you started growing feathers?

2. The story of Ava’s parents is based on traditional swan maiden tales. Are you familiar with these stories? What do you think of the way the way the author weaves this traditional tale into a modern story?

3. At one point Ava wonders, “Who knew what else there was, hidden behind things that seemed totally normal?” and looks around at her classmates, imagining that Vivienne Witmer might secretly be a fairy. What do you think of this idea, that there is magic in the world we don’t always see?

4. Describe Ava’s relationship with her father. Did it surprise you that she doesn’t tell her father about her feathers? What do you think about the secrets her father keeps from Ava?

5. What do you think happens next, after the book is over? How do you think Ava’s life changes?