Signing with Nora Roberts

So yesterday I did a signing at Nora Roberts’ very charming store in Boonsboro, Maryland. It was my third time participating in a Nora Roberts event, and just as awe-inspiring and spectacular as it was the first time. I took this photo about ten minutes before the event began. Look at all those innocent books waiting to be manhandled and signed!


So here’s the deal: Nora owns this adorable store and I’m pretty sure only signs books there. Since she’s written about 5000000 books and from what I understand writes at least 27 hours every day, she has several book debuts every year and therefore has lots of book signings and always invites a handful of other authors to join her. At least a few hundred people show up each time, in a line that snakes from the street through the store and back to the tables where the authors sit, with Nora right at the end being gracious and charming and always wearing kick-ass stilettos or (like yesterday) leather boots that come over her knee. It’s all super efficient. As a guest author, you just sit back and watch as every one of those people pour love all over Nora Roberts and snap up all of her books and shake and tremble as she graciously poses for photos with them. And she sits and signs book after book for four or five hours, never once complaining, her awesome son Jason at her side refilling the ink on her pens as they wear out.

It’s pretty inspiring.

I sold a bunch of books, too, but it’s just a drop in the bucket when you’re in Nora Roberts land!

Even service dogs love her:


I tried to capture the view of the line from my spot next to Nora and Jason. Just imagine this for hours:


And then here was my awesome haul for the day: a signed copy of Nora’s Dark Witch, plus gorgeous books from the three other authors on hand: Ellen Dugan, Tess Whitehurst, and Victoria Dahl.


And here’s Nora with yours truly. Can you see the inspiration flowing from her to me? I’m pretty sure you can see it if you squint.


Now I’m at my friend Kim’s house in Baltimore, hanging out with my best friend Lucy:


Please do not be too jealous.

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