Country Cottages and Alaskan Drag Queens

So earlier this month I spent three weeks holed up in an idyllic cottage in rural Pennsylvania with an ornery cat named Bailey and a stream rushing past just beyond the back porch. I was house-sitting for a friend and working on a brand-new novel (a noir!), and I accidentally watched many old episodes of Law & Order SVU on Hulu as well, a little something I like to call “research.”

I wish I could have stayed longer:



Though my roommate wasn’t entirely trustworthy


was a little pretentious


and occasionally made contact with aliens:


Fortunately I survived (barely) and am now about to head to New York for a couple days and then to Anchorage, Alaska, for the University of Alaska at Anchorage’s Low-Residency MFA Program summer residency, where I teach.

I will also, as it happens, be visiting some polar bears in Barrow, wading into the Arctic Ocean, and soaking in some Chena Hot Springs. And, as I do every summer, I’ll be visiting with the Anchorage Pulpwood Queens book club and its incarcerated chapter in Hiland Mountain Correctional Facility, and spending at least one Friday night at Mad Myrna’s weekly drag queen show in downtown Anchorage. I will try to be a little more on top of this blog, and post lots of pictures!

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