In all its tailless beauty

So I used to blog regularly, at, where you’ll find posts from me dating back to 2006, about all kinds of misadventures (and before that I had a blog on Livejournal that I started in 2004). Then in 2011 I started my mermaid blog, I Am a Mermaid, and instead of personal stories started posting interviews with everyone from Tim Gunn to Alice Hoffman to the Magnetic Fields to the mermaid from Beach Blanket Bingo. I still love mermaids—who doesn’t??—but now, with the launch of this new website, I’ve decided to start blogging again about the human world, in all its tailless beauty. So look here for little stories and the occasional bit of writing advice, and please email me if there’s anything you’d like me to talk about.


  1. Courtney Bowerman says:

    I am a huge fan! I loved Mermaid and I’m so excited to raed “The Fairest of Them All”! You have a knack for fairy tales! But I have one question about “Mermaid”: Do you think Margarethe ever told Christopher the truth about who saved him? I think he needed to know the truth after everything Lenia endured just to be with him. But then again, maybe it only would have hurt him.

    Also, how is the movie going? Any new news?

    • Carolyn Turgeon says:

      I’m not sure.. I think she would have kept it a secret to protect Christina and Lenia and all the other merpeople, etc..!! Maybe when they were very very old….

      Last news is that there’s a revised script, a director and producer, and it’s moved from Sony to IM Global, which has a lot of dough (after the option was re-upped in October)… So it looks really really good…. fingers crossed!

  2. Hi, I’m writing a book about a lot of creatures and one of them happens to be a mermaid. Can you give me any advice on mermaids and their culture? That would be very helpful to me. I’m only seventeen, but for some odd reason I started to write a book and it not half bad! Please help?
    ~ Sydney

    • Carolyn Turgeon says:

      I barely did any research or anything, Sydney, just read a little about the deep ocean, used Hans Christian Andersen as my guide, and tried to be as vivid and authentic-seeming as possible, using what I knew and my imagination…!

      Good luck with your book — keep going!!

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